Top 20 Most Popular Animes Of The Decade

Top 20 Anime of the Decade

Introduction: The Anime Renaissance

Anime has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past decade, becoming a global phenomenon. The period from 2010 to 2019, in particular, has been pivotal in shaping what anime is today. This article delves into the top 20 anime of this era, each unique in its storytelling, artistry, and impact.

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Index Of Anime 20:- Kill la Kill: A Fusion of Frenzy and Fiction

 Top 20 Most Popular Animes Of The Decade
Index Of Anime 20:- Kill la Kill

The Unique Blend of Action and Narrative

“Kill la Kill” stands out with its narrative madness and fluid visuals. The story revolves around Ryoko’s quest for vengeance, adorned with a blistering soundtrack and edgy visuals. This anime is a visual feast that balances action with emotional depth, especially in its portrayal of the leading ladies.

Index Of Anime 20:- Kill la Kill. As if the trigger wasn’t going to make the cut, sewing together the narrative madness, the studio is known for fluid visuals a blistering soundtrack and some delectably enjoyable edgy, Ryoko’s mission to avenge her father,(kill la kill streaming) with her talking sailor uniform and giant scissor blade is a true feast for the eyes one that despite everything figures out how to infuse a lot of care warmth and improvement to its cast particularly with regards to its two driving women, so don’t lose your way remember all clothing is evil and make sure you swear fealty to best kill sense key while you’re at. (kill la kill vostfr)

Index Of Anime 19:-  Psycho-Pass: Dystopia Reimagined

psycho-pass,psycho-pass 心靈判官,psycho-pass 心靈判官 第三季
Index Of Anime 19:-  Psycho-Pass

Exploring the Dystopian Future

“Psycho-Pass” presents a future where emotions and actions are monitored to maintain societal order. The series questions the cost of safety and happiness in a controlled society. Characters like Akane and Kagami navigate this world, revealing the darker aspects of such a society.

Index Of Anime 19:-  Psycho-Pass.The price of all-encompassing safety truly worth it does mandatory happiness equal a brighter better society welcome to the Future, one run by the Sibyl system where your very emotions are continually monitored where any discrepancies could lead to your imprisonment or possible death,(psycho-pass 心靈判官) turns out even a so-called paradise like this requires the arm of the law to help root out those whose crime coefficient exceeds Sybil’s Diagnostics, leading the likes of lone wolf and Forza Kagami and fresh-faced detective Akane to hunt down those who are unable to cope in the new world order all the while having to deal with the very real prospect that society itself might have changed for the worse. (psycho-pass 心靈判官 第三季)

Index Of Anime 18:- Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba: A New Dawn for Shonen

demon slayer vostfr,demon slayer streaming,demon slayer anime,demon slayer 01 vostfr
Index Of Anime 18:- Demon Slayer vostfr : Kimetsu No Yaiba

Revitalizing the Shonen Genre

“Demon Slayer” has breathed new life into the shonen genre. Tanjiro’s quest to save his sister combines stunning animation with a compelling narrative. The series is celebrated for its action sequences and character development, marking it as a potential modern classic.

Index Of Anime 18:- Demon Slayer vostfr : Kimetsu No Yaiba.Slicing its way onto the scene and breathing new life into the Shonan genre in the process, Tangiers desperate quest to save his sister from her awful destiny end up being lightning in a container, obviously with such an affable arrangement of swordsmen and the god-like movement gifts of UFO table in charge, it’s not hard to see, why following his family’s death and his kin abrupt change, (demon slayer anime)Tangier finds himself joining the ranks of the Demon Slayer Corps protecting innocents from harm while also seeking out a way to reverse Nez echos monstrous condition, between the incredible action sequences and everything that in noski does this, has the potential to become a modern classic. (Demon slayer 01 vostfr)

Index Of Anime 17: -Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn: The Legacy Continues

Index Of Anime 17:- Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.
Index Of Anime 17:- Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.

A New Chapter in the Gundam Saga

“Gundam Unicorn” fits seamlessly into the Gundam universe, following the events of “Char’s Counterattack.” The series is known for its large-scale space battles, crisp visuals, and a narrative that echoes the original series’ themes of war and sacrifice.

Index Of Anime 17:- Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. To say the Gundam franchise has exploded over the last 10 years would be a gross understatement from age build fighters, Thunderbolts, the origin all the way to iron bloodedstoves there’s been no deficiency of versatile suits doing combating out starting late tsk-tsk our pick needs to go to Burnage, ER and at the unicorn Gundam, not only for the scale of its space battles and the beauty of its crisp visuals but because it feels like a true successor to the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, fitting in just after the events of chars counter-attack the terrible nature of war the numerous and grisly death scenes that plagued both sides, they even have their own literal char clone.

Index Of Anime 16:- Devilman Crybaby: A Bold Reinterpretation

devilman crybaby,devilman,devilman crybaby vostfr,akira vostfr
Index Of Anime 16:- Devilman Crybaby

A Dark and Provocative Remake

This series reimagines Go Nagai’s classic, blending style and substance. “Devilman Crybaby” explores the transformation of its protagonist into a demon-human hybrid, delving into themes of humanity and monstrosity with unflinching boldness.

Index Of Anime 16:- Devilman Crybaby. Between ping pong the animation and the tatami galaxy,(devilman) there was a lot to choose from as far as Masaaki Yuasa scanning of work while both those titles are exquisite examples of anime that incorporates style and substance in equal measure, we’re of the opinion that is the best outing was his personal take on gonna guys apocalyptically enthralling magnum opus, after being forcibly transformed from meek beanpole to demon hybrid,(devilman crybaby vostfr) Acura decides to Massacre the monsters that would seek to harm humans, only to soon discover that humankind itself is simply the greatest beast of all set yourself up this one doesn’t keep down on stun esteem. (Akira vostfr)

Index Of Anime 15:- Erased: A Tangle of Time and Mystery

boy erased,erased,boku dake ga inai machi,erased anime,erased vostfr
Index Of Anime 15:- Erased.

A Blend of Mystery and Time Travel

“Erased” combines murder-mystery with time travel. Satoru’s ability to revert to his younger self to prevent tragedies creates a gripping narrative. The series masterfully balances the suspense of a whodunit with the emotional journey of its protagonist.

Index Of Anime 15:- Erased. A murder-mystery, time travel and one man’s desire to save his childhood friends from the cruellest of fates, (boy erased)1988 yep this one took every feeling we had and crushed them at following on from the revelation that he can transport himself into the body of his younger self Satoru endeavours to change history and prevent his classmates from being abducted and killed by a serial kidnapper,(erased anime) while the expertly woven who’ve done it will keep you guessing right up until that soul-stealing reveal,(Boku dake ga inai machi) Satoru’s determination to protect kayo not only from her future demise but also hip traumatic family life will leave you in tatters. (erased vostfr)

Index Of Anime 14:- Made In Abyss: The Light and Dark of Adventure

made in abyss anime.
Index Of Anime 14:- Made In Abyss.

A Journey of Innocence and Terror

“Made In Abyss” offers a unique blend of childlike wonder and survival horror. As the young protagonists delve deeper into the Abyss, they encounter increasingly terrifying challenges, making for a gripping and emotionally resonant story.

Index Of Anime 14:- Made In Abyss. It’s the fantasy that managed to break the mould with its premise while also captivating us with its transition from light-hearted adventure to the diarist of survival stories, in order to find her missing mother a young cave Raider named Rico Potter’s up with amnesiac is stricken cyborg reg, as they venture into the colossal chasm known as the abyss, only to find the nightmares within and more than either of them bargained for, between the unbalanced inhabitant’s variety of monsters lurking in each level and the fact that neither of our young leads has any kind of plot armour, this one will grab you by the throat and refuse to let go. (Made in abyss anime)

Index Of Anime 13:- Violet Evergarden: The Art of Emotion

Index Of Anime 13:- Violets Ever Garden
Index Of Anime 13:- Violets Ever Garden

The Beauty of Emotional Storytelling

This series is a poignant exploration of human emotions. Violet’s journey from a tool of war to a writer who conveys others’ emotions is beautifully rendered, both in its narrative depth and stunning animation.

Index Of Anime 13:- Violets Ever Garden. With but a typewriter and a lingering curiosity to uncover the meaning behind the words I love you miss ever garden managed to enraptured us completely, following the end of her career as a tool of war as well as the loss of her beloved commander, violet finds herself thrown into the role of Auto memory doll, a professional writer with the sole motivation behind taking a customer stifled sentiments and wonderfully articulating them onto paper, through her cooperations with the new associates and customers we treated to some really excellent stories as well as find a good pace recover her mankind piece by piece and gracious what a delight it is to see.

Index Of Anime 12:- March Comes in Like a Lion: An Emotional Odyssey

Index Of Anime 12:- March comes in like a Lion
Index Of Anime 12:- March comes in like a Lion

A Deep Dive into Human Emotions

This anime offers a profound look at grief, maturity, and human connections. Rei’s journey from isolation to finding solace in new relationships is depicted with sensitivity and depth, making it a standout in character-driven storytelling.

Index Of Anime 12:- March comes in like a Lion. Masada ah and you thought we were just gonna get a show about some guy playing shogi but instead got a master class in character study and exploration of grief maturity and how the connections we make between people are sometimes all we need to finally free ourselves from sorrow, in the aftermath of his family’s death teenager Rae shelters himself from the world by throwing himself into shogi, crippled by his emotional turmoil at least until he finds himself unwittingly fostering new relationships with his classmates as well as the three cow Emoto sisters, whose graciousness gradually figured out how to ease him through his injury.(March comes in like a Lion)

Index Of Anime 11:- Mob Psycho 100: The Unseen Strength

Index Of Anime 11:- Mumps Psycho 100
 Index Of Anime 11:- Mumps Psycho 100

The Unassuming Hero

“Mob Psycho 100” is notable for its unique blend of humor and psychic battles. Mob’s journey is not just about his psychic powers, but also his quest for personal growth and understanding, set against a backdrop of visually stunning scenes.

Index Of Anime 11:- Mumps Psycho 100. He’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet who just wants to find some friends, oh and he’s also an esper that can devastate everything if his emotions ever reach 100 per cent, that’s mobs life for you one divided between trying to better himself socially while also helping his conman friend Regan deal with any wayward spirits that tried to pick a fight, while these psychically charged battles are practically mind-bending at times with their presentation, what makes this series strike such a chord is moms interactions with those around him and they even when facing evil Esper organizations, he’ll always strive to find peaceful solutions .bless this cinnamon roll and is god-tier telekinesis

Index Of Anime 10:- Haikyuu!!: More Than Just a Game

Index Of Anime 10:- Hike You
 Index Of Anime 10:- Hike You

The Thrill of Sports Anime

“Haikyuu!!” has redefined sports anime with its engaging characters and dynamic animation. The series captures the spirit of volleyball, turning athletic competition into an exhilarating narrative experience.

Index Of Anime 10:- Hike You. There had to be a sports series on here somewhere and while we were spoiled for choice given those genres numerous gems we had to give it up for the boys from karate no highs volleyball club it managed to spike their way into our hearts, thanks to its endearing cast of young hopefuls, gorgeous animation and the fact they figured out how to take something like volleyball and supper into a stunning display.  watching Hinata and Kageyama push themselves to become better athletes that final showdown with Shiratori Sawa all of it will turn you into a rabid fan by the end cheering on the flightless crows as they make their mark.

Index Of Anime 9:- My Hero Academia: Heroes Reimagined

my hero academia,my hero academia scan,my hero academia vostfr
Index Of Anime 9:- My Hero Academia vostfr

Superheroes in Anime

This series offers a fresh take on the superhero genre. Set in a world where most people have powers, it follows Deku’s journey to become a hero. The series combines action, character development, and societal commentary, making it a standout.

Index Of Anime 9:- My Hero Academia vostfr.It’s the juggernaut that continues to deconstruct while paying homage to the cliches that makes superheroes so beloved by many, set in a world where the majority of the population are imbued with otherworldly powers it falls to the wants quick list Deku to rise up to the challenge as the world’s next greatest hero,(My hero academia scan) between the student hijinks of class 1 a commentary on hero society as a whole the clashes with the League of villains as well as the beautifully woven character developments, there’s a reason why each new season of this show continues to be a seasonal event plus ultra.(My hero academia vostfr)

Index Of Anime 8:- Madoka Magica: A Dark Twist on Magic

madoka magica anime,madoka magica puella.
Index Of Anime 8:- Madoka Magica anime

Redefining Magical Girls

“Madoka Magica” subverts the magical girl genre with a dark and complex narrative. The series explores the consequences of wishes and the corruption of ideals, presenting a hauntingly beautiful story.

Index Of Anime 8:- Madoka Magica anime. There have been many who have tried to twist and subvert the magical girl genre and while there have been a few valiant attempts none have come close to measuring up to the hauntingly beautiful tale conjured up by the master of broken fields again or a Bochy, while an encounter with an adorable wish maker sounds like the chancethe, shine Madoka and her companions have been searching for they before long discover that there are ramifications for experienced a dream life and that even the most flawless of aims can be ruined, it’s a genuine distinct advantage one that isn’t reluctant to break any previously established inclinations regardless of how much wretchedness it brings our beautiful courageous women.(madoka magica puella)

Index Of Anime 7:- Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju: A Cultural Gem

Index Of Anime 7:- Showa Genroku Rakugo shinju
Index Of Anime 7:- Showa Genroku Rakugo shinju

A Cultural Masterpiece

This series brings the art of rakugo storytelling to life. It’s a rich narrative about personal and artistic struggle, set against the backdrop of Japan’s changing cultural landscape. The series is a testament to the power of storytelling.

Index Of Anime 7:- Showa Genroku Rakugo shinju. Something of a cultural phenomenon that managed to shake up the anime scene with its potent drama, bittersweet characterization and skilful narrative accessibility to the ancient art of rakugo storytelling, we can’t do enough justice as to just how unique fulfilling and wonderfully recognized this series is after a former Yakuza sips his time he sets out into the world in order to become a rakugo performer, now under the strange tutelage of a rather unwilling Master Practitioner fueled by the conflict both on and off stage, this one truly is something special.(Showa Genroku Rakugo shinju Anime)

Index Of Anime 6:-One Punch Man: The Comedy of Strength

one punch man reddit,read one punch man,blast one punch man.
Index Of Anime 6:-One Punch Man

The Parody of Power

“One Punch Man” humorously deconstructs the superhero genre. Saitama’s overwhelming strength is juxtaposed with his mundane life, creating a series that is as funny as it is action-packed.

Index Of Anime 6:-One Punch Man. Say what you will about the rather lacklustre reception of season 2, the strongest heroes original outing was pretty much hype incarnate yeah walk a bitch,(Read one punch man) back focusing on the antics of a Caped Crusader with the strength to decimate any villain with but a single swipe of his fists, this series managed to balance crazy action sequences absurd hilarity as well as the tricky tightrope that is maintaining tension in spite of the bank we all know there’s nothing in the cosmos that can stop Saitama and is doomsday knuckle sandwich, take every anime convention you think you know and prepare for it to get smashed to pieces with just one punch. (Blast one punch man)

Index Of Anime 5:- Fate/Zero: The Weight of Legacy

iskandar fate,fate zero characters, fate series
Index Of Anime 5:- Fate/Zero

A Dark Fantasy Epic

Set in the Fate universe, “Fate/Zero” explores the darker aspects of the Holy Grail War. The series is known for its complex characters, moral dilemmas, and stunning animation, making it a dark but captivating watch.

Index Of Anime 5:- Fate/Zero.(Iskandar Fate) The arrow butcher strikes again only this time he’s taken the already savage nature of the fate verse and somehow managed to push it to the very apex of dark and depressing, taking place during the fourth Holy Grail war this prequel once again illustrates the many fantastical battles between various human masters and their servants summoned from ages past,(fate zero characters)while the fight scenes are true spectacles thanks to UFO tables god-tier animation zeros relentless exploration of being first that mankind has to offer will undoubtedly stain your soul by the end. why must you make us suffer from your genius or a Buchi? (Fate series)

Index Of Anime 4:- Steins;Gate: The Complexity of Time

makise kurisu,steins gate characters,okabe rintarou,ruka urushibara.
Index Of Anime 4:- Steins Gate

The Intricacies of Time Travel

“Steins;Gate” stands out for its intelligent handling of time travel. The series combines scientific intrigue with deep emotional stakes, creating a narrative that is both intellectually and emotionally engaging.

Index Of Anime 4:- Steins Gate. (Okabe Rintarou)As far as sci-fi epics go few have ever come close to matching this shows calibre wits and world-building, (Makise Kurisu) upon the realization that he can send texts back to the Past via a microwave Rintaro and his gaggle of colleagues misfits and legendary best Gil Kurisu think they’ve cracked the greatest scientific discovery of all time and they have, and now they’re gonna pay for it whether it’s mysterious corporations gunning for their lives, (Steins Gate Characters) we’ll try to find a way to beat death through time jumps the way the narrative spirals distort and eventually settle effectively earned it the mantle of one of the present-day animes most noteworthy. (Ruka Urushibara)

Index Of Anime 3:- JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: A Stylish Saga

jojo's bizarre adventure characters,zeppeli
Index Of Anime 3:- JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Series

A Unique Legacy in Anime

Known for its unique style and storytelling, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” has become a cultural icon. Each series iteration brings new characters and adventures, making it a diverse and enduring franchise.

Index Of Anime 3:- JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Series. From phantom blood to the golden wind, from Jonathan’s Diamond chin all the way to Jono’s accompanying piano, Joe Joe mania has managed to infiltrate every corner of the anime scene in the mere blink of an eye and we couldn’t be happier, (Jojo’s bizarre adventure characters)with each series chronicling the tragedies and triumphs of the Joestar bloodline, every iteration has brought its own unique flair setting and fabulous dress sense. all about Joseph and his outlandish sense of comedic timing joke taro and his penchant for punches or josuke in His divine hairdo there’s truly a Joe-Joe experience out there for everyone.(zeppeli)

Index Of Anime 2:- Attack on Titan: Beyond the Walls

attack on titan staffel,attack on titan bs,attack on titan levi.
Index Of Anime 2:- Attack On Titan

Redefining Dark Fantasy

“Attack on Titan” has evolved from a dark fantasy into a complex narrative about humanity and survival. The series is known for its intense action, deep lore, and the moral complexities it presents.

Index Of Anime 2:- Attack On Titan. (Attack on titan Staffel)What started off as a brutal and uncompromising dark fantasy has since propelled itself to legendary status all thanks to its medley of visceral action fascinating premise and gradual narrative maturity,(Attack on Titan Bs) with humanity close to extinction due to the endless hunger of giant cannibalistic creatures known as Titans, it falls to a small core to slay the beasts and slowly reclaim mankind’s grip on the world, at least until they discover that there’s just as much danger behind the walls after all humans that are willing to take their blasphemous mysteries to the grave of deadlier than any Titan, look once you see Levi-Strauss stuff you’re going to be snared in any case. (Attack on Titan Levi)

Index Of Anime 1:- Hunter x Hunter: The Evolution of Shonen

Index Of Anime 1:- A Hunter Hunter
Index Of Anime 1:- A Hunter Hunter

The Ever-Evolving Shonen

“Hunter x Hunter” redefines the shonen genre with its deep character arcs and complex world-building. The series is celebrated for its unique approach to storytelling and character development.

Index Of Anime 1:- A Hunter Hunter. It may seem to be your normal cheerful Shonen from the start yet as any fan realizes God’s objective to turn into a tracker and discover his dad is totally uncommon in pretty much all that it does some them in a town melody togetic, the character movement of its leads the complexities of its capacity framework the manner in which it moves toward every story curve and flips each show on its head the size of the battles how every scoundrel is the furthest thing from nonexclusive and maybe above all how it figured out how to hoist firearm punching a humanoid feline’s face to what could be compared to a renaissance painting, actually our greatest grumbling is we may never observe a continuation arrangement regardless of whether we hold up one more decade. (A Hunter Hunter Anime)

Conclusion: A Decade of Anime Mastery

The past decade has seen a remarkable diversity and evolution in anime. These top 20 series not only reflect the artistic and narrative heights the medium has reached but also its enduring impact on global pop culture. Each series, with its unique approach and style, has contributed to the rich tapestry that is modern anime.

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