10 Common Things You Didn't Know Were Radioactive.

10 Common Things You Didn’t Know Were Radioactive

What is radiation and where do you find it or more likely where can it find you because you are unlikely to go looking for it, is it a scary something that produces four-headed dogs and elephant-sized mushrooms or is it magic that turned Steve into the Captain America (kidding) or maybe it’s a cancer treatment that saved thousands of people, you probably have your idea of what radiation is unless you are science-friendly and know what it is, in any case, you should know that radiation is all around like love (Again Kidding ), you don’t have to travel to a certain place in Ukraine or take a walk around a nuclear power plant to meet it, it lives right next to you and it is contained in things you most likely have to deal with daily,

Knows kit will show you 10 most unexpected sources of radiation and tell you which of them you should fear most of all, first of all, let us look at the nature of radiation like we said before it comes in many forms and is all around us radiation can be human-made and natural the Sun, for instance, is a huge source of natural radiation which affects us every day and we still seem to like it right radiation not only comes at us from outer space but also from the soil and underground in the form of gases.

What about human:-made radiation then it is produced by human inventions like televisions, cellphones and various medical procedures. One thing you should remember is that it isn’t always dangerous factors like its strength type and length of exposure define that danger level.

What is radiation:- It is energy coming from some source and travelling through space in the form of waves or high-speed particles, particle radiation as the name suggests happens when particles or molecules(atoms and nuclei) with shaky cores to be increasingly exact emit the vitality of mass they needn’t bother with they are simply searching for solidness this kind of radiation can likewise be created by high voltage gadgets like x-beam machines, electromagnetic radiation is a comparative cause yet it goes in waves and gauges nothing a genuine case of it is light and radio waves now that we have an idea of what radiation is.

Which is the most radioactive element well its polonium. let us answer the critical question we all care about what can be a less expected source of radiation and how close is it to each of us here is the list of 10 things you did not know were radioactive.

Surprisingly Radioactive Items


10 Common Things You Didn't Know Were Radioactive.
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Potassium and Radiation
Bananas are known for their high potassium content, a natural source of radiation. While bananas emit about 14 decays per second, the radiation level is extremely low and not harmful​​.

Safety Measures
Despite the radiation, bananas are safe to consume. The fear of radiation from bananas is largely unfounded.

What is your idea of a healthy snack a muesli bar and probably some fruit that fruit is very likely to be a banana, Are Banana Radioactive? you eat it yourself and give it to your kids .we have news for your bananas produce radiation and it is genetic, yes bananas have genetics too and they can’t help it they are rich in potassium, an average banana emits about 14 decays per second and has around 450 milligrams of potassium in it good news is it is not dangerous for you if consumed in reasonable mouse eating around 5 million bananas will probably turn you into a banana and give you radiation sickness so there is no need to say no to bananas or fear them however the radiation in a bunch of bananas can be seen by a Geiger counter so it may be detected at a checkpoint at the border.


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Potassium-40 in Beer
Beer contains potassium-40, a radioactive isotope, but in such small amounts that it poses no health risk​​.

Radiation Levels
The radiation in beer is so low that it’s negligible in terms of health risks.

If you are a beer fan you’re not going to love us for this one you can even say what can be wrong with the world of beer well it is not super radioactive but still, the fact remains beer does contain around 390 Pico Curie’s per kilogram of potassium-40 that isotope,  we’ve mentioned a few times already the amount is so insignificant you can consider it just one of the ingredients may be so you can still enjoy your favourite drink even though it is slightly radioactive.


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Natural Radioactive Elements
Potatoes, like bananas and beer, contain radon and potassium-40, contributing to a slight level of radiation​​.

Eating with Confidence
The radiation level in potatoes is too low to cause health concerns, making them safe for consumption.

Just like beer potatoes a radioactive just a bit they have between one and two and a half Pico Curie’s per kilogram of radon to 26 and 3400 Pico Curie’s per kilogram of potassium-40 in them chips French fries and other foods made from potatoes are also a little bit radioactive they are still safe to eat so no worries.


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Polonium 210 and Lead 210
Cigarettes contain polonium 210 and lead 210, both radioactive elements. These can accumulate in the body and contribute to cancer risk​​.

Health Risks
The presence of these radioactive elements in cigarettes adds to the already significant health risks associated with smoking.

We as a whole realize cigarettes are not useful for our well-being and we’ve seen those frightening pictures of smokers lungs and everything the news is that numerous sorts of cigarettes contain materials like polonium 210 and lead to 10 both of them are radioactive and polonium 210 was even used to kill Alexander Litvinenko now that sounds scary both materials remain in the tobacco leaves when the cigarette is in the making when the smoker likes the cigarette and inhales they come out into the air as vapour the concentration at release might be low but these chemicals can accumulate in the smoker’s body some experts believe that they can be the reason of certain cancers do you want to take the risk sounds like a good reason to quit smoking forever.

6:-Exit Signs.

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Tritium in Signs
Tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, is used in emergency exit signs to ensure visibility during power outages​​.

Safety Concerns
While generally safe, damaged exit signs containing tritium could potentially release this isotope, posing a contamination risk in extreme cases.

Pretty much everywhere a lot of people go like schools college and your office safety is a concern if something happens all these people will have to find the way to safety exit signs(Emergency exit signs) are of great help, in that case, have you ever wondered what will make them light up in case of an emergency unlikely well it can’t be the main power source of the building as power often goes out in cases of emergency so what helps them a mini power plant battery’s magic none of the above samples of a radioactive isotope of hydrogen called tritium are stored inside the sign so if something terrible happens and the sign gets smashed the radioactive isotope can escape and get everyone to contaminate let’s hope that will never happen.

5:-Kitty Litter.

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Knows Kit

Bentonite Clay and Radiation
Kitty litter, often made from bentonite clay, contains natural uranium and thorium, leading to low-level radiation. Large quantities in landfills may even affect groundwater​​.

Environmental Impact
While the radiation from kitty litter is minimal for individual use, its environmental impact, particularly in landfills, raises concerns about long-term safety and alternative solutions.

On the off chance that you have a kitty at home you presumably feel truly appreciative to kitty litter it keeps your home from all the awful scents your feathery companion can be the explanations behind we need to reveal to you something kitty litter is a typical wellspring of radiation truth be told on the off chance that you take a stab at conveying it over the outskirts in a sum enormous enough it tends to be the purpose behind the alert to sound and your excursion to be hindered do you recognize what kitty litter is made of like you at any point needed to know well one of its primary parts is bentonite dirt it works superbly that is dousing that crap and pee of your feline however is somewhat wealthy in characteristic uranium and thorium landfills which a large number of huge amounts of feline litter are dumped into additionally get radioactive and may spread this radiation to groundwater which is truly hazardous so next time you want to play with kitty litter who knows perhaps you do feel like it now and again don’t do it and possibly think about certain options in contrast to it.

4:-Granite Kitchen Worktops.

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Radiation Retention in Granite
Granite, popular for kitchen worktops, naturally retains radiation, posing a negligible risk during food preparation​​.

Living with Granite
The aesthetic appeal of granite often overshadows the minimal radiation risk it poses, making it a common choice in homes.

Granite kitchen worktops look solid rich and stylish if you have one at home you’re probably pretty proud of it and like decorating it and casually bringing guests into your kitchen just to point out it to them it’d look good but it’s radioactively dangerous too it’s simple granite is great at retaining radiation which occurs naturally so next time you cook in your fancy kitchen remember that your food could be subjected to radiation it’s okay in reasonable amounts so there is no got to smash the granite worktop right now.

3:-Old Pottery And Glassware.

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Uranium in Glazes
Historically, some pottery and glassware were made with glazes containing uranium, especially those with orange and red hues, leading to higher levels of radiation​​.

Making Safe Choices
Understanding the potential risks, it’s advisable to limit the use of antique pottery and glassware, especially for food and drink.

Imagine you have a Sunday family lunch at home the guests are there drinking out of your grandmother’s glassware and eating out of your best ceramic bowls which are like 80 years old the table is decorated with flowers resting in a phase which has been passed on from generation to generation you are proud of your old pottery and would not part with it no matter what memories of your grandmother we know however the best thing for you to do is get rid of all that memorabilia right now many pottery items which were produced in the first half of the 20th century contain a rather high amount of uranium it is especially true for those orange and red items uranium was mixed into the glaze to give them a brighter colour the greenish old glass is also dangerous due to the same reason.

2:-Glossy Magazine Pape.

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Kaolin Clay and Radioactive Elements
The glossy finish of magazine papers is achieved using kaolin clay, which may contain trace amounts of radioactive elements like uranium and thorium​​.

Assessing the Risk
The radiation from glossy magazine paper is extremely low, posing no significant health risk to readers.

Glossy and shiny magazines they tell you what to wear this season how to get over a breakup and get your muscles bigger do you have your favourites you probably can’t wait for the new issue to come out not just because it has all that amazing content but also thanks to that feeling and smell a fresh glossy paper it looks so much better and richer than on glossy paper have you ever wondered how this glossy effect is achieved through the paper has to be covered in kaolin which may be a kind of white clay it can hold radioactive elements like uranium and thorium it’s not that dangerous for you you ought to still remember what you owe that bright shining.

1:-Grand Central Station.

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Granite Walls and Natural Radiation
New York’s Grand Central Station, known for its granite architecture, exhibits higher levels of natural radiation, although not harmful to the public​​.

Public Safety
Despite its higher radiation levels, Grand Central Station’s radiation is still lower than many other common sources, such as medical x-rays.

You may find it a place with some amazing energy or a crazy meeting spot you rather avoid millions of people pass through it rushing to work and back saying goodbye and hello to their loved ones we are talking about New York’s and Grand Central one of the largest and busiest train stations in the world you might save there are already many things to be worried about in there well you have to add radiation to that list the level of it is so high seize the nuclear plant’s legal emission limit it is all due to the station’s granite walls granite as we know is good at keeping natural radiation while most of the items on this list might have made you uncomfortable we have good news for you most of them won’t do you any harm was much less harmed than a plane ride or getting x-rayed.

Public Safety

Despite its higher radiation levels, Grand Central Station’s radiation is still lower than many other common sources, such as medical x-rays

Conclusion: Living with Everyday Radiation

Balancing Awareness and Anxiety
Understanding the sources and levels of everyday radiation helps in making informed decisions without undue worry.

Radiation in Perspective

Comparing everyday radiation to other sources, like medical and cosmic radiation, puts into perspective its relative harmlessness in our daily lives.

Being aware of these sources allows us to navigate our environment more knowledgeably, appreciating the balance between the benefits and risks of the radiant world around us.

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