TikTok Impact on Pop Culture

TikTok Impact on Pop Culture

TikTok, a platform that started as a simple app for sharing short videos, has become a colossal force in shaping popular culture today. From viral dances to the latest slang, TikTok influences nearly every aspect of how young people communicate, entertain, and see the world.

Quick Hits: TikTok Impact on Pop Culture

  • Launched: 2016
  • Users: Over 1 billion globally
  • Content: Short-form videos

The Dance Revolution

Top Viral TikTok Dances

#Dance TrendSongCreatorYear
1Renegade“Lottery” by K CAMPJalaiah Harmon2019
2Say So“Say So” by Doja CatHaley Sharpe2020
3Savage“Savage” by Megan Thee StallionKeara Wilson2020
4WAP“WAP” by Cardi B & Megan Thee StallionBrian Esperon2020
5Blinding Lights“Blinding Lights” by The WeekndMacdaddyz2020
6Laxed (Siren Beat)“Laxed (Siren Beat)” by Jawsh 685 & Jason DeruloJosh Nanai2020
7Out West“OUT WEST” by JACKBOYS & Travis ScottNicole Bloomgarden2020
8The Box“The Box” by Roddy RicchSpencer X2020
9Say I Yi Yi“Say I Yi Yi” by Ying Yang TwinsLesley Gonzalez2021
10Up“Up” by Cardi BMya Johnson & Chris Cotter2021
TikTok Impact on Pop Culture

Remember the “Renegade” dance? TikTok made that a global phenomenon overnight. The platform is a launchpad for music and dance trends. When a catchy song meets an easy-to-follow dance, it’s not just your friends doing it in their living rooms; it’s everyone, everywhere.

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Top Viral TikTok Trends of the Year

RankTrend NameDescriptionImpact
1#RenegadeA dance crazeSparked global dance phenomenon
2#DalgonaCoffeeMaking whipped coffeePopularized a new coffee trend
3#SavageChallengeDance challenge to the song “Savage”Boosted the song’s popularity, viral dance
4#LearnOnTikTokEducational contentMade learning fun and accessible
5#FlipTheSwitchSwitching outfits/roles with a partnerShowcased creativity in transitions
6#BoredInTheHouseShowcasing creative ways to stay entertained at homeInspired creativity during lockdowns
7#MakeupTransformationDramatic makeup changesInfluenced makeup trends
8#BookTokBook recommendations and reviewsRevitalized interest in reading among younger audiences
9#WhatIEatInADaySharing daily mealsInfluenced eating habits and food trends
10#OOTD (Outfit of the Day)Fashion and style showcasesDrove fashion trends and brand visibility
TikTok Impact on Pop Culture

Music’s New Gateway

Emerging artists now dream of their tracks going viral on TikTok. Why? A few seconds of their song in a trending video can catapult them from obscurity to the top charts. It’s reshaped the music industry’s marketing strategies and discovery processes.

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Emerging Artists Propelled by TikTok

RankArtist NameViral SongImpact on Career
1Lil Nas X“Old Town Road”Went from unknown to chart-topping artist
2Doja Cat“Say So”Song went viral, leading to widespread popularity
3Olivia Rodrigo“drivers license”Sparked a massive increase in streaming and chart success
4The Kid LAROI“WITHOUT YOU”Gained international fame and collaborations
5Megan Thee Stallion“Savage”Boosted her career and led to a remix with Beyoncé
6BENEE“Supalonely”Became a global hit, significantly boosting her music career
724kGoldn“Mood”Song became a worldwide hit, topping charts globally
8Ashnikko“STUPID”Led to a major increase in streaming numbers
9Roddy Ricch“The Box”TikTok dance craze boosted song to global prominence
10Surf Mesa“ily (i love you baby)”Song went viral, leading to global recognition
TikTok Impact on Pop Culture

Meme Culture and Slang

Ever heard someone say “OK, Boomer” or “It’s the ___ for me”? You’ve TikTok to thank (or blame). The app’s rapid-fire nature fosters a unique brand of humor and language, quickly adopted and adapted globally.

A Learning Curve

Surprisingly, TikTok has become a go-to for quick bites of knowledge. From history tidbits to science explainers, creators pack useful info into entertaining clips. It’s education, but with a beat you can dance to.

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Fashion Fast Forward

TikTok dictates fashion trends at lightning speed. What’s in today might be out tomorrow, but you’ll see it on TikTok first. The app has given rise to “TikTok fashion,” a blend of streetwear, vintage, and DIY that defines youth fashion worldwide.

Tables Turned: Influence and Impact

  • Viral Trends: From dances to challenges, TikTok is a trendsetter.
  • Music Industry: Songs can go from unknown to chart-toppers in days.
  • Language: TikTok slang has entered everyday vocabulary.
  • Education: Yes, TikTok can be educational, covering a wide array of subjects in fun, digestible formats.
  • Fashion: The app is a runway for the latest youth fashion trends.

Looking Ahead: TikTok Impact on Pop Culture

Top TikTok Influencers and Their Impact

#InfluencerFollowers (Millions)NicheNotable Impact
1Charli D’Amelio125+Dance/EntertainmentSet trends in teen fashion and dance
2Addison Rae85+Dance/LifestyleInfluence in music and acting careers
3Zach King65+Magic/Visual IllusionsInnovative video editing techniques
4Bella Poarch90+Lip-sync/ComedyKnown for the most liked video on TikTok
5Spencer X55+Beatboxing/MusicCollaborations with major artists
6Loren Gray54+Music/LifestyleMusic career launch
7Dixie D’Amelio55+Music/LifestyleMusic career and reality TV
8Will Smith60+Entertainment/ComedyBridged traditional and new media
9Riyaz Aly45+Fashion/Lip-syncFashion influence among youth
TikTok Impact on Pop Culture

TikTok’s journey from a quirky video-sharing app to a cultural powerhouse shows its unmatched ability to shape trends and influence millions. Its real test will be adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape and retaining its place at the heart of pop culture.

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