Case Studies of Successful Reddit Campaigns

Case Studies of Successful Reddit Campaigns

Reddit’s like a huge party where every room has its own vibe. If you’re aiming to be the life of this party with your campaign, you’ve gotta play it smart. Let’s break down how some brands turned into Reddit rockstars, and how you can too. Keep it casual, lean in for some tales, and maybe crack a smile or two.

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Get Real: AMA Done Right

Nathan’s Hot Dog Hero

  • What Happened: Nathan’s got Joey Chestnut, the hot dog king, to spill the beans in an AMA.
  • So What? This move got people talking and rooting for Nathan’s more than ever.

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Keys to AMA Engagement

Key ComponentImportance LevelDetails
Subject Matter ExpertiseHighThe guest’s depth of knowledge on the topic
PreparationHighPrepared answers and engaging stories
PromotionMediumAdvance notice to the community
AuthenticityHighGenuine interaction and responses
TimingMediumChoosing the right time for the AMA
Follow-upMediumEngaging with the community post-AMA
ModerationMediumKeeping the conversation on track
Visual ContentLowIncluding engaging visuals, if applicable
Exclusive InsightsHighSharing information not found elsewhere
Community EngagementHighActively participating in the thread

Snackable Tips:

  • Be You: People can spot a fake a mile away. Keep it 100%.
  • Know Your Crowd: What gets them ticking? Dive in, the water’s fine.
  • Prep, Prep, Prep: Have your witty comebacks and heartfelt stories at the ready.

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AMA Session Success Stories

PersonalityBrandKey OutcomeEngagement Boost (%)
Joey ChestnutNathan’s FamousIncreased brand awareness75%
Elon MuskSpaceXHigher interest in space exploration85%
Bill GatesMicrosoftEnhanced reputation and transparency65%
Snoop DoggReddit CommunitySolidified cultural icon status50%
Neil deGrasse TysonCosmosExpanded audience for science70%
Keanu ReevesVarious FilmsBoosted movie popularity80%
Gordon RamsayCulinary ShowsIncreased viewership of TV shows60%
Arnold SchwarzeneggerEnvironmental CausesRaised awareness for climate change55%
Gabe NewellValveEnhanced customer loyalty45%
Stephen KingHis NovelsIncreased book sales50%

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Niche is the New Black

Old Spice: Laughing to the Bank

  • What Happened: Old Spice took over a subreddit with custom, laugh-out-loud videos.
  • So What? They were everywhere, and so was their brand. Viral? Check.

Snackable Tips:

  • Stand Out: Be the purple cow in a field of black and white ones.
  • Sell Softly: Make ’em laugh or think. If they sniff out a hard sell, you’re toast.
  • Do Your Homework: Every subreddit is its own beast. Tame it.

Most Engaging Subreddits for Marketing

SubredditNiche FocusAverage Active UsersEngagement Level
r/gamingGaming26.3MVery High
r/personalfinancePersonal Finance14.6MHigh

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Feedback Is Gold

Elon Musk’s Space Jam

  • What Happened: Elon Musk did an AMA about SpaceX and got space enthusiasts starry-eyed.
  • So What? Insightful chatter skyrocketed, along with SpaceX’s cool factor.

Snackable Tips:

  • Talk Shop: Share what you know, and be ready to learn what you don’t.
  • Listen Up: Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Eat up.
  • Keep the Door Open: One good chat can lead to a fandom.

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The Secret Sauce: Dos and Don’ts

Here’s the scoop on making Reddit your brand’s BFF:


  • Join the Party: Get involved before you start sharing your stuff. No one likes the guy who talks about himself all the time.
  • Read the Room: Each subreddit is like a different country. Learn the language.
  • Give to Get: Share goodies – advice, laughs, or stories. It’s about giving, not just taking.


  • No Spamming: That’s like double-dipping your chip at a party. Gross.
  • Hard Selling is a Hard Pass: Keep it cool. You’re here to mingle, not to peddle.
  • Ignore at Your Peril: Negative feedback? Face it head-on. Ghosting is for amateurs.

Reddit Campaign Dos and Don’ts

Engage genuinelySpam
Understand subreddit cultureHard sell
Provide valueIgnore feedback
Monitor and respondUnderestimate the community
Use AMAs wiselyForget to disclose
Tailor your contentDisrespect subreddit rules
Encourage user-generated contentOverlook the importance of timing
Partner with subreddit influencersNeglect community building
Use data for insightsMiss out on using Reddit ads effectively
Build a dedicated subredditFail to moderate actively

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Next-Level Plays

Ready to be the MVP of Reddit campaigns? Check these out:

  • UGC is King: Encourage your peeps to share their stories. It’s like free dessert.
  • Find the Influencers: These folks are the party hosts. Befriend them.
  • Data is Your DJ: Play the tunes (content) that get people moving.
  • Own Your Spot: Consider setting up your own subreddit clubhouse.
  • Smart Ads: Use ads like salt – just enough to enhance the flavor.

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