What is Computer Definition

What Is Computer Definition

What is Computer Definition
What is computer definition

The computer is the most powerful tool ever Made by human beings in today’s generation Computer plays an important role in almost every aspect of daily life and influences our lives in one way or other

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Full-Form Of Computer

 The word computer actually comes from the word ” compute” which means to calculate.Computer is also meant for calculation but more than just a calculating machine the proper

Definition of Computer

 ” Computer is an Electronic Device that does three basic work which is input process along with output ” 

A Computer accepts the input through various input devices after that on receive data Computer performs different operations required by the user on these Input , finally computer Generates the resultant of the process data as the output through various output devices hence Computer is a data processing device .

How Computer Work

How Computer Work

How Computer Work


This is the work of entering data and programs into the computer system. Since the computer is an electronic machine like any other devices that takes input raw data and performs some processing gives out process data, the input unit takes data from user to the computer in an organized manner for processing. Mission and programs are entered into the computer through input devices such as the keyboard, disk, or another computer via network connections or modem connected to the internet.


The work of saving information and instructions is known as storing data which has to be fed into the system before the actual processing begins. This happens because the processing speed of central Processing Unit (CPU) is so Quick that the data has to be given to CPU with the same speed, therefore the data is first collected in the storage unit for quick access and processing, this storage unit for the primary storage of computer system is designed to do the above functionality, it provides Storage for storing data and instructions the storage unit performs the following major functions

A: All information and commands are stored here before and after processing

B: After Results Of Processing Are Also Stored Here


The task of performing operations like arithmetic and logical operation is called processing, the CPU or Central Processing Unit takes data and instructions from the storage unit and make all shots of calculation based on the instructions given and the type of data provided it is then sent back to the storage unit the Core processor or the Arithmetic logical unit does the Arithmetic and logical operations that I am temporary stores information.

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This is the process of producing a result from the data for getting Useful information output devices to display information on the letter for the print send information to other computers also display a message about what errors may have occurred and brought up messages or dialogue box asking for more information to be input again the output is also stored inside the computer for further processing

Classification of Computers

Computers are available in various size shape and weights, due to twenty different size and shapes they deliver different sorts of jobs from one another can be classified in different all the computers are designed by qualified computer at who designed these machines as per different requirements a computer that is used in the home difference in size and shape from the computer being used in hospital following sections are going to describe different of the computer the term capacity what’s the volume of work for the data processing capacity can handle their performance is judged by the

1: Quantity of data that can be stored in memory

2: Speed of internal operation of the computer

3: Number and types of peripheral devices

4: Quantity and type of software present for use with the computer

Classification of Computers

Classification of Computers

By the above criteria, there are six different types of computer in today’s world

  1. Microcomputers
  2. Mini Computers
  3. Medium Size Computers
  4. Large Computers Mainframe Computers
  5. Supercomputers

1- Micro Computers

The large manufacturing of silica since 1971 has made it real to put a brain into all sorts of Devices, one such machine is the microcomputer this machine has taken fullest benefit of the use of large scale addition on Silicon chips, the microprocessors actually contain a computer on a chip that can pass the eye of the needle. Microcomputers memories are Usually conductor fabricated Silicon chips, it is a digital computer system which is under the control of a stored program, a microprocessor has the Programmable read-only memory and Random Access Memory.

the read-only memory instruction to be executed by the computer while Random Access Memory functional equivalent of Computer memory today microcomputers are personal computers more commonly as PCs these are small relatively inexpensive computer designed for personal use in-home or offices.

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2- Mini Computers

Technological growth in 1960 has made manufactures to fulfil to the growing demand for a likewise stand-alone device the mini computer to handle the task that large computer could not perform economically mini-computer system or small mainframe provides fast operating speed and large storage then microcomputer systems this computer can support a large number of high-speed computers, several disk drivers can be used to grant online access to files as required for Direct Access processing rating system developed, computer system generally supports both programming and virtual storage this means that many programs can be run concurrently. this type of computer system is flexible and can be improved the need of users. altogether the mini-computer is not as powerful as the medium computer it is quite close.

3- Medium Size Computers

It provides Quick operator enlarge storage opportunity than a small computer system, this computer can support a large number of input-output devices and several disk drive can be used to provide online support and processing the possibility of increasing the data processing capability of a computer by adding devices such as additional memory and other peripheral devices is called expandability.

4- Large Computers

These Devices are the giants in flexibility and speed these usually contain full control systems with minimum operator interference, large computer systems vary from Signal Processing configurations to nationwide Computer-Based network involving general large computers have internal operating speeds measured in terms of nanoseconds as a compared to small computers via speed in terms of microseconds.

5- Mainframe Computers

The mainframe is huge multi-user system design to process millions of instructions per second and capable of accessing billions of data that can handle genetic processing jobs in large companies or government Agencies which computer is commonly used in large hospitals, airline, reservations companies and many other companies prefer mainframe because of its ability of processing data on a huge basis, mainframe computers are used to maintain large information collected at a centralised location and be able to and process this data from different computers located at different locations mainframe computers are normally too expensive and out of reach from a cell rise person who wants this computer for his home mainframe is the second largest in capability and size of computer family.

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6- Super Computers

The most costly price, biggest and fastest machine today are the supercomputers that are used when billions or even trillions of calculations are required to be processed, supercomputers are ultra-fast computers design to process huge amount of specific data then display the underlying pattern that has been discovered these machines are essential for application ranging from nuclear weapons weather forecasting super are used for highly calculation-intensive task such as molecular modelling climate research weather forecasting quantum physics physical simulations

machines that have speed in the hundred million instructions per second government especially use this types of the computer for their different calculations and heavy-duty different industries also use this huge computed to design their product. it is also used for animation purpose the Param supercomputer is one of the supercomputers developed by Indian Center for development of advanced computing( C-DAC) and promises to process speed up to 1 trillion instructions per second since October 2010. Tianhe- 1 A Supercomputer is known as the fastest supercomputer in the world which is located in China.
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