Top 10 Things Which Is Illegal But You Do casually!

 Top 10 Things Which Is Illegal But You Do casually!

Knows kit Brings You A list Of  Ten  Illegal things you do every day, you might not even realize it but there are so many things you probably do on a day to day basis that are totally illegal there are some laws that many of us have no idea about while others know about them but don’t believe they’ll ever get caught.

#1- Downloading Torrents 

Isn’t it awesome that you can find pretty much everything on torrent websites and easily download it within a couple of clicks well as convenient and entertaining as it may be to download free movies or any other torrent files of the like you’re completely breaking the law whoops you can’t legally watch movies without paying for the period and this rule also goes for every single torrent file simply speaking if the item is copyrighted and you’re not the owner of it then downloading it for free is 100% against the law you can even be caught by so-called copyright trolls, who locate torrent downloaders through their IP addresses so think twice before clicking that download button and try to get your hands on whatever interests you legally?

#2- Connecting Unprotected public Wi-Fi

Connecting Unprotected public Wi-Fi

All of us have used public Wi-Fi password before I mean let’s be real sometimes we go to a place just for the free internet connection it’s just so easy to find which is exactly why it’s hard to believe that it can be illegal in some cases if we’re talking about public Wi-Fi you have to have the providers permission and follow the Terms of Service to use it legally as for personal open Wi-Fi password sources you know like your neighbours unprotected Wi-Fi Password account that you of course never touched wink it’s completely illegal to access someone’s connection without permission because it means that you’re using a service that someone else is paying for absolutely free of charge there have even been people arrested for using public Wi-Fi password without authorization so take this into consideration next time you connect to a free Wi-Fi source

#3-Selling On eBay Without Declaring Your Income

Selling On EBay Without Declaring Your Income

How convenient is it to hop on the internet and sell your super cute homemade jewellery many people have sold something online but how many of us have actually reported those earnings to the Internal Revenue Service not that many right you’ll probably be shocked to know that these regular earnings must be declared as part of your income otherwise what you’re doing is illegal if you sell on eBay but don’t declare your earnings yourself eBay will submit form 1099 and report your income to the IRS eBay you backstabber just kidding we love you, BAE, you see when you have a steady profit from eBay the IRS categorizes your activity there as a business which means that these earnings must be included in your tax information if you sell stuff online regularly check up on this and make sure that you’re safely within the confines of the law.

#4-Using A Fake Name Online

Using A Fake Name Online

Sometimes it just seems way easier to type in the name of your favourite movie character or singer when you’re setting up an account online but easy doesn’t mean legal people even create a fake ID or use the wrong name both of which are totally against the law – not that many people are aware but faking your name or ID can send you to prison for five to twenty years using a fake name is considered hacking because you didn’t correctly authorize yourself as a computer owner some even take it to a whole no their level and create a fake account under other people’s names out of revenge which is wrong not only on a moral level but also according to the law that’s why next time you’re setting up anything online just use your real name and be yourself.

#5-Streaming TV shows

Streaming TV shows

 How do you like to spend your weekends sprawled out on the couch surrounded by your favourite snacks binge-watching your favourite TV shows from dusk until dawn yeah me too and you just like the rest of us have surely streamed your preferred shows online without even thinking about the laws that prohibit you from doing so it needs a way to find out if you’re watching content legally is to see whether or not there are commercials during the video if there aren’t any more than likely that you’re blissful little TV show binge watching a party of one is breaking the law the good news is that you can watch full episodes of your shows legally from tons of sources like Hulu ABC comedy central Fox and a lot more you can find the whole list of these legal streaming websites online to make sure that you’re not breaking any laws by watching your favourite series

#6-Eating Before Paying

Eating Before Paying

 Please let’s face it we’ve all gone to the market and tried the nourishment before paying for it by what other means are we expected to know whether the grapes are adequate this little strategy might be extraordinary for setting aside cash yet on the off chance that you do this in stores much of the time you can get in a difficult situation on the off chance that somebody chooses to report you won’t have a ton of issues on the off chance that you eat something that you’re anticipating paying for like a pack of chips or a piece of candy close to the register any other individual have a specific soft spot for the stuff they put in the checkout lines approval if so simply be cautious later on the grounds that as per the law you should pay for everything before you take it from the store and you’re trying falls into this classification too in case you don’t know where the store remains on this approach you can generally inquire

#7-Using Copyrighted Content

Using Copyrighted Content

 So you’re putting together a PowerPoint presentation and you grab some images from the internet to add a few nice visual aids there’s nothing wrong with that right you can probably guess by now but the answer to that question is a big fat no most images are subject to copyright and it is, in fact, illegal to use them anywhere when it comes to using copyrighted content you have to know the rules of something called fair use you can usually find out more about these special rules online also keep in mind that fair use rules aren’t exactly international they’re for the USA and Israel only however if you’re from another country it doesn’t mean that using copyrighted content is legal you just have different rules and restrictions for this type of situation it’s best to just check before you decide to take anybody else’s material for your own use

#8-Messaging While At The Same Time Driving

Messaging While At The Same Time Driving

 This one is likely the greatest and most genuine offense on our rundown messaging while at the same time driving is an ill-conceived notion for such huge numbers of reasons it isn’t so much that agreeable it’s perilous and it’s unlawful regardless of whether you’re an accomplished driver and have exceptionally quick thumbs it’s despite everything better to head over to type that instant message or essentially hold up until you find a workable pace going before you compose and send it in the USA the circumstance is clear messaging while at the same time driving is carefully restricted in 41 states that implies that in the event that you prepare got find a good pace fine and have focuses docked on your driving record since this is an essential offense well that is really cruel right so what’s the serious deal remember that when you’re driving in a vehicle you’re working an immense overwhelming hunk of metal going at high speeds and it requires your full focus it’s yourself you ought to think about as well as others and the insights aren’t promising the quantity of interruption related accidents continues expanding each year so we should change that and drive mindfully and capably

#9-Recording Skype Conversations 

Recording Skype Conversations

 Millions of people all over the world use Skype it’s no wonder why it’s conveniently easy to use and most of its main functions are free and most important of all it helps us keep in touch with friends family and even co-workers when distance separates us however sometimes Skype can be a bit tricky because every user can easily record a private conversation without the other person knowing about it according to the law doing this is illegal in most states you can’t record any conversation without the other person’s consent some states the same principle applies to phone calls as well it’s illegal to record them without both parties knowing about it so respect other people’s privacy and don’t record your Skype calls.

 #10- Sharing Passwords 

Sharing Passwords

 It’s actually quite common for people to share passwords with their close ones even for personal accounts little did you know but this is completely and utterly illegal now in 2016 the United States courts of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit passed a law declaring that having a users permission isn’t enough if you want to share a password to do that legally you must have the permission of the site owner as well and this includes subscription services too which means that sharing your Netflix password, for example, is officially illegal hmm I imagine that this will affect most Netflix Watchers because I don’t know anybody who isn’t using somebody else’s account the main problem with this law is that it’s too hard to enforce since passwords are shared among users so often still you have the right to know that this is illegal which means that there are consequences for doing it.

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