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PCOD | PCOS full form with details in English and In Hindi .

PCOD | PCOS Full Form.

 PCOD | PCOS Full Form.

PCOD represents Polycystic Ovary Disease (पॉलीसिस्टिक अंडाशय रोग )


PCOS Represents Polycystic ovary Syndrome.( पॉलीसिस्टिक अंडाशय सिंड्रोम )

PCOD | PCOS full form with details in English and In Hindi .
PCOD | PCOS full form with details in English and In Hindi.

Polycystic ovary disorder (PCOS) is a state that affects female hormone levels.

Females with PCOS produce more-than-ordinary measures of male hormones. This hormone irregularity makes them skip the feminine cycle and this makes them hard to get pregnant.

PCOS additionally causes hair development and hairlessness on the face and body.

Anti-conception medication pills and diabetes prescriptions can help the right hormone uneven characters and improve manifestations.

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PCOD causes:-

We don’t know precisely what causes PCOS. Specialists accept that significant levels of male hormones keep the ovaries from delivering hormones and creating eggs when all is said in done.

Qualities, insulin obstruction, and aggravation have all been connected to overabundance androgen generation.

First indications of PCOS:-

Unpredictable periods.

Absence of ovulation keeps the coating of the uterus from shedding each month. A few ladies with PCOS have under eight periods every year.

Overwhelming dying.

The coating of the uterus keeps going longer, so the length you do might be heavier than typical.

hair development.

In excess of 70 per cent of ladies with the condition develop hair all over and body – including their back, stomach area, and chest.

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PCOS treatment:-

Contraception pills and different prescriptions can help control the menstrual cycle and treat PCOS manifestations, for example, hair development and skin inflammation.

Anti-conception medication

Taking estrogen and progestin day by day can reestablish a typical hormone balance, control ovulation, soothe side effects, for example, overabundance hair development, and secure against endometrial malignancy.

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